In 1915, The Story of the Marking of the Santa Fe Trail by the Daughters of the American Revolution in Kansas and the State of Kansas was published.  The author was Mrs. T.A. Cordry, Historian of the Kansas D.A.R. In it she wrote that the Trail was an obscure piece of history and that when asked where it was very few could tell you and more often the reply was “Oh, it is out west where the Indians were.”

To preserve this important part of our nation’s history the DAR in Kansas began the monumental task of marking the Trail in Kansas in 1902.  Soon chapters of the DAR in Missouri, Colorado, and New Mexico followed suit and marked the Trail in their respective states.

If not for the hard work and dedication of the DAR in Kansas the Trail might have been lost to history.  To commemorate and recognize them the Santa Fe Trail Center Museum,  Santa Fe Trail Association and Fort Larned National Historic Site have devised a fun and interactive way to learn about the Trail and test your how much you already know. If you would like to know more about the DAR Santa Fe Trail Markers please look toward the bottom of the page for links to additional resources. 

Using pictures, GPS coordinates, or written clues we want you to find select DAR markers along your route while traveling to Rendezvous 2016.  When you find them, take a selfie with the marker and post it onto our Facebook and/or Instagram accounts with the hashtag #foundDARmarker and the location/name of the marker.

Here is how it works:

  • Click below on the state you want to find a marker in and use the provided clues to locate the correct markers.
  • Once you find a marker, take a selfie with it and post it on our Facebook and/or Instagram accounts.
  • Don’t forget the hashtag #foundDARmarker and the location or name of the marker.
  • You can start locating your markers and taking pictures anytime . . . HOWEVER, only images posted between September 17 and 2 p.m. September 24 will count toward the game.
  • There will be two drawings for participants:
  1. Your name will be entered once for the first drawing, whether you post an image of one marker or ten markers.
  2. Your name will be entered once into a second drawing if you find and post images of five or more markers.
  • Prizes include books and some awesome SFTA swag.
  • Drawing will be during the dinner on Saturday night at Fort Larned NHS.
  • You do not need to be present to win. However, we hope you are.



1. What marker is 110 miles from Fort Osage?

2. Where can you find this marker?

175th Anniversary Marker

3. What marker is the half way point between Independence and Santa Fe?

4. Which marker moved back and forth across a county line?

5. This marker is at GPS Coordinates N37 06.222 W101 56.316.


1.  What marker can be found at the western terminus of the Boone’s Lick Road?

2. The Madonna of the Trail is near which marker?

3. What marker can be found near this frontier establishment founded by William Clark?

Fort Osage

4. This marker is at GPS Coordinates N39 05.545 W94 25.014

5. What marker is near the best ruts in the Metro Area? Hint . . .  it is near a bridge.


1. This marker is at the state line on the Mountain Route along the Arkansas River.

2. This marker is at GPS Coordinates N38 06.680 W102 37.101.

3. What marker is near a fort that was recreated for the US Bicentennial?

4. This marker on the Trail has DEEP ruts?

5. Where can you find this marker?

Trinidad CO Marker

Oklahoma & New Mexico


1. Only Santa Fe Trail DAR Marker with the DAR insignia on it.


1. What marker can be found at a stop on the Barlow and Sanderson Stage route?

2. This marker can be found where you might rest.

NM Rest Stop Marker

3. This marker is at GPS Coordinates N35 32.916 W105 49.695

4. At the end of the Trail is a marker with a flaw.