The Fort Larned Historical Society, which owns and operates the Sante Fe Trail Center Museum, first ran a small curio shop with some historic displays at Fort Larned. From these humble beginnings, the museum has grown to encompass a large complex of ten buildings, located on 10 acres two miles west of Larned – four miles from the Fort.

Museum Gallery Exhibits

Inside the main museum building, exhibits begin in the East Gallery where visitors will see our full-sized mounted bison, affectionately called Wally. Next, learn about the American Indians that inhabited the Great Plains. Visitors will discover what life was like for Mountain and Southwest trappers and how they differed. Lastly, travel the historic trade route known as the Santa Fe Trail.

In the South Gallery, visitors will experience what life was like in a typical frame-style home during 1919. The South Gallery is also home to several large horse-drawn vehicles and a 1914 Ford Model T automobile. Finally, visit a movie theater to see a “flicker” in our brick-paved main street exhibit.

Outside Exhibits

Outside on the grounds, visitors will take a step back in time to experience living like the early pioneers. Enter a reproduction sod house and dugout and imagine life without modern conveniences. Next, visit the first church built by the African-American parishioners of our community 100 years ago, the Johnson Street CME Escue Chapel. In the historic Frizell Depot, visitors can plan a train trip on the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway or send a message via telegraph using morse code. The limestone cooling house and attached windmill give visitors a glimpse into how early pioneers improved the quality of their lives. Lastly, everyone will enjoy attending class in the 110-year-old L’Dora one-room schoolhouse.

In the Dale and Melba Woods Farm Museum and Dale and Melba Woods Automobile Museum buildings, visitors will be transported back to the days of horse-drawn farm implements, belt-driven equipment, crank-started vehicles, and the classic lines of cars from the 1940’s through the 1970’s.

"A Treasure! Wonderful exhibits which really bring the past to life. Very accessible - very understandable. Don't miss this!" George & Mary Colorado and Scotland